Videography & Photography

Hi my name is Lenny Seberry. I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1972.
I have been living in Australia for almost 10 years now and have been a freelance photographer  for 7 years and more recently have specialised in videography.

Having been a motor mechanic back in Ireland and then traveling around the world and supporting myself working in the hospitality industry, I felt I wasn’t achieving anything with my life and wanted to do something different.

For years I had an interest in photography but never had the guts to do anything about it until I decided to do a part-time course at PSC.  When my first image appeared in the developing tray I was hooked and knew then what I wanted to do with my life.  

I enrolled in the full-time course at PSC in February 2005 and after 3 years received an advanced diploma in photography. During my time at PSC we took part in the Pick Project and that really opened my eyes to people less fortunate than myself.  It gave me the confidence to be able to approach people and not be afraid to find out their stories as everyone has a story to tell.  My time at PSC was probably the most rewarding 3 years of my life.

Photo-journalism was my chosen major, because I wanted to tell stories with my images. During my third year of study I went back to Europe for a month and completed a 160km pilgrim walk, the Camino De Santiago, with my Mum.  I photographed and documented our journey and created a coffee book style photo book.

I then had the opportunity to study at RMIT University, Melbourne for an extra year to receive a Distinction, Bachelor of Arts Degree.  In my last year at RMIT I decided to photograph a story involving the under privileged and homeless somewhere in Melbourne . I volunteered my time for a year at a soup kitchen program called Sunday Suppers, in Albert Park, Melbourne.

There I met some of the most remarkable people I think I will ever meet in my life- time.  It took almost 5 months to gain their trust before I could even consider taking out my camera.  But the wait was worth it as the end results are amazing and books of my images will be available online soon.

My want and love of filming has come about as a natural progression of my photography and my longing to tell stories.

Lenny Himself (Custom)

This is why I got involved as a stills photographer on the feature film called ‘Mind Fire’ which was made on the Sunshine Coast in 2009.

The confidence and the contacts I made from working on Mind Fire inspired me, and my friend and business partner

Roger Kitson, to follow a career as documentary makers and set up Live Life Productions.   And this brings us to our documentary  ‘One Shot, The Story of MC Wheels’  that we are making about rapper Nathan Tessmann, aka MC Wheels, who is disabled and in a wheelchair.

Nathan has a story to tell, a story about the will to succeed, and the drive to achieve something with your life. I believe

this documentary will inspire not just disabled people but people everywhere to follow their dreams and not be afraid to give it a go.  Nathan teaches me something new every time I meet him.  It’s the little things that I/we take for granted everyday that are the hardest if not impossible for Nathan to do.  We hope that this documentary will help support Nathan and his family, raise awareness and help others in similar circumstances.

We only get One Chance at this journey called life and Nathan has only One Shot to achieve his dreams.
We want to pose the question to everyone. What is your dream, and have you taken your One Shot?